Just a quick update on things relating to the potential preparation of a NDP for Breage.

At its meeting in November the Parish Council received a report outlining the broad results of the preliminary public meetings held in Ashton, Breage, Carleen, Godolphin Cross and Praa Sands in late September/early October. In line with the commitment made at the meetings a copy of the report isĀ  available for inspection below – so feel free to have a quick look!

Report of initial round of public meetings November 2017

The initial questionnaires mostly went out in early November (many thanks to those of you who helped with the distribution of these – it was much appreciated). The ‘closing date’ for the receipt back of questionnaires is 24 November, after which these will need to be analysed and reported back on.

The speed with which the analysis will take place will depend largely on two factors – the number of questionnaires we get back and the complexity of the responses! With a fair wind the analysis could be completed for the next general Parish Council meeting on 5 December, but it might be that this is not completed until the first scheduled meeting of the New Year which is on 9 January 2018.

Either way, and if the survey shows sufficient interest/support for the preparation of a NDP for the Parish, it is likely to be January by the time we look to convene and form the proposed Steering Group to lead the the process forward.

Cllr Chris Ralph