Cornish Tin Limited – update

                                                                                    Cornish Tin News Update (5.2.21)

  • Cornish Tin was pleased to participate in the Breage Parish Council zoom meeting on Tuesday 2nd February. Nearly an hour was spent answering peoples’ questions and hopefully this has reassured many that the exploration drilling will have minimal impact on the local community.
  • Following the zoom meeting Cornish Tin has reviewed what was said and although it has additional logistical issues for Cornish Tin the following is to happen;

  1. The start date for drilling will be delayed from April/May to May/June so that it will allow more time for Cornish Tin to minimise any concerns in the local community.

2. This will mean the last month of drilling will be in October/November, at the end of the tourist season. This will benefit the local community because it  gives the opportunity to drill some holes which are close to camp and caravan sites at the end of the tourist season.

3.The negatives to this delay are also potentially greater damage to some land owners fields and greater cost in keeping roads clear of mud. However, Cornish Tin respects that some local businesses rely on tourism and, although we believe that no drilling at any time will adversely impact on tourism in the area (it may in fact prove of interest to some visitors) we are keen to establish good working relationships with our neighbours if possible.

  • At the meeting it was proposed that for the first drill site, any interested local people will be invited to view and see drilling happening and ask questions. Cornish Tin will be happy to invite interested local people (Covid restrictions permitting) and we look forward to constructive discussions with local residents.
  • The archaeological survey will take place on February 8th
  • The formal GPDO application is planned to be submitted in February and once the Mineral Planning Authority have validated it and placed it in the public domain,  Cornish Tin will provide a copy to the Breage Parish Council who can then make it available to the wider community.
  • A public zoom meeting will be planned a week following this to go through a Cornish Tin presentation based on the GPDO application and answer any questions. Copies of the presentation will be available.

·       If a mine is built there will not be 100 trucks a day leaving the site. It would be unlikely that more than one truck of high value tin concentrate per day would leave the mine site. All trucks would be 100% hydrogen or electric powered as part of Cornish Tin’s planned Green Tech strategy.

  • I understand that some residents are asking if we are looking for lithium. The granite where we are drilling is a lithium granite but this is not our priority. We expect to find tin and some copper but there could be tungsten at depth. Many mines produce more than one metal and if economic amounts of lithium are found along with tin and copper we would extract and sell it.

Jeff Harrison

Planning and Communication Consultant to Cornish Tin Ltd.