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Cornish Tin News Update (26.2.21)

  • The final version of the GPDO is nearly complete and is expected to be submitted in March.
  • The Archaeology report has been completed, as a result of which Cornish Tin has slightly moved the locations of 3 drillholes, to avoid the sites of former surface structures shown on old maps. Although the structures are no longer visible at surface, there is a possibility that some foundations may remain below ground.
  • Amicable discussions are continuing with Landowners and two thirds of the drill holes now have signed Land Access Agreements. 
  • During February the number of calls and emails to Cornish Tin have significantly reduced and we hope that the BPC Zoom meeting answered most people’s questions and reassured them that the drilling will have little impact on the local community.
  • Interestingly, global demand for tin and copper (both of which we hope to find) is sharply increasing, and driving prices upwards. At the time of writing, the tin price is at a 10 year high (currently US $ 29,485/tonne) with copper similarly strong at US $ 9,158/tonne. This is being driven by the need for a world future which is powered not by fossil fuels but by sustainable energy, (the TECHNOLOGY SUPERCYCLE). This means high demand for electric cars, battery technologies, wind turbines and other new technology in which tin and copper are essential. There is wide recognition that tin and copper are among the critical minerals needed for the world and the UK to get to a zero-carbon footprint.
  • The higher price for tin is also due to the disruptions of production in Myanmar with the military takeover of the democratic government. The same country was recently accused of ethnic cleansing of its people and is a key exporter of tin to Europe. The UK is wholly dependent on tin and copper imports, the tin mainly from China and Indonesia. These are metals we can mine in Cornwall to world class standards to help meet our own needs for the future. Should this project proceed to production, Cornish Tin is committed to GREEN MINING with the aim of a net zero carbon footprint in its extraction and processing operations.
  • Once the GPDO is in the public domain it is planned to provide zoom meetings to the Parish Council and local people to go through the document and answer any questions. The timing of this will be agreed with BPC and widely communicated.

Jeff Harrison

Planning and Communication Consultant