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At the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown Cornwall Wildlife Trust realised we needed to be there for wildlife, wildlife lovers and those isolating at home. Without the ability to venture too far, we acted fast to provide things to see, do, read, watch and make from home that would maintain a connection with nature.

10 weeks in we have countless supporters building hedgehog homes, sending in pictures of wildlife they have seen in their gardens, engaging with online talks and generally appreciating Cornwall’s wildlife in new and deeper ways. We have a good mix of activities for families, activities for adults (although the adults very much seem to enjoy the children’s activities too!), in depth video discussions, blog posts, spotter guides and worksheets.

If you feel any or all of this would be valuable for your community please feel free to pass on this link in any of your communications:

If any of your public wish to let us know what they have been up to, we would love to hear from them by email or on any of our social media channels.

We also wanted you to know that as of today (you’re the first we’ve told!) we have put our Spring edition of Wild Cornwall (normally a members exclusive magazine), online for all to enjoy. Packed with all the wildlife happenings around Cornwall, we think your readers would love it, so please feel free to share this link in any of your communications: . We are biased but it is well worth a read in the garden!

Finally, we have an email newsletter which goes out monthly, packed full of news, sightings, activities, events and tips. If you’d like to hear from us regularly, please reply to me or sign up here:  

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