If you would like to contact either the Parish Clerk, or a member of the Parish Council, then please CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE PARISH COUNCIL. To contact any member of the council in person, please telephone or email. Please note that the Parish Office is closed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

COUNCILLORS’ INTERESTS must now be listed on the website and are also displayed on Cornwall Council’s website. Councillors’ completed forms may be viewed at the Parish Rooms by appointment with the Clerk, Mrs Carol Macleod: 01326 574781/07767165077


Summary of Councillors Registers of Interests

Register of Interests Breage Parish Councillors as at 2 June 2021

Mr Tony Woodhams
Chairman; Staff Working Group/Personnel; Cemeteries; ex-officio all groups/committees
(01736) 763619

Mrs Rose Wyvern Batt
Vice-Chairman; Staff Working Group/Personnel; Rep. Breage Field Committee; Assets Register; Bank swignatory; ex-officio all groups/committees
(01736) 850210

Mr Tony Best
Lengthsman Scheme; Rep. Godolphin Cross Community Association
(01736) 762410

Mr Howard Bradford
Rep. Ashton Amenity Area; Staff Working Group/Personnel; Health & Safety/Risk Assessment; Bank signatory
(01736) 763932

Mrs Caroline Carver
Finance and General Purposes Committee Chairman; Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group; Staff Working Group/Personnel; Affordable Housing; Police Advocate
(01736) 761161

Mrs Phil Darby
Footpaths and Open Spaces (Lead Councillor); Rep. Carleen Village Hall and Exercise Equipment; Bank signatory and Authorisation Councillor
(01736) 762042

Mr Chris Ralph
Neighbourhood Development Plan Liaison Councillor; Treasurer Breage Field Committee; Bank signatory; Rep. Helston and S Kerrier CNP
(01326) 573023

Mr Matt Southam
Footpaths and Open Spaces; Praa Green and Exercise equipment; Affordable Homes

Mrs Diana Thomas
Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group; Deputy Rep.  Helston and S Kerrier CNP; Finance and General Purposes Committee; Footpaths and Open Spaces;

Mrs Carol Macleod
Parish Clerk
Mobile: 07767165077
(01326) 574781

The Clerk may be contacted during the week (not Tuesdays or Fridays) using the above phone numbers or by using the  e-mail address: *********************************

An appointment should be made to visit the Parish Rooms.

Your Cornwall Councillor is :-
Mr. John Keeling MBE

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