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I thought you might like to see the recent film made by our interim Managing Director Matthew Golton which you can view, and share!, on

The film has been sent to local and regional media along with a media release about travelling safely over the summer, which you can read here

As the release notes, we have identified services that are used by high numbers of school students. These will all be operational by the end of August so that we are ready for students and pupils when term starts.   There will then be a further increase in services from Monday 14 September.  This will bring weekday services back to 94% of our December 19 timetable, Saturday services back to 90%, and Sundays back to 76% of our planned May 20 timetable. 

We have also proposed two new flexible season tickets to the Department for Transport, one that would allow travel on any three days in seven and the other that would allow any 12 days in 28. This will support those commuters and business travellers who want to combine working from home with working in the office.  We will update you when we have news on this.

Thank you again for your understanding as we work to get back to full strength. We remain fully committed to providing the best possible service to support both business and leisure customers.

Jane Jones | Head of Public Affairs | Great Western Railway
GWR | 4th Floor | Capital House | 25 Chapel Street | London | NW1 5DH
E: | M: 07525 275 485

Great Western Railway update

The additional Cornwall and Devon services that we added on Saturday (25 July) are working well.  The vast majority, 80/90% of customers are wearing face coverings and journeys seem to be going well.  

I thought it would be helpful to give some advance notice of improvement work taking place in Devon and Cornwall this autumn, and I have set out details below.  

There is more information on and

As we get closer to the work taking place, we will be letting customers know about the temporary changes through traditional and social media, and through information on trains and at stations.

Jane Jones

Head of Public Affairs | Great Western Railway

Toby Elliott

Head of Communications | Network Rail Western

  • Track renewals and level crossing upgrades will take place between Taunton and Exeter St Davids between Monday 28 September and Friday 2 October. Buses will replace rail services on this route. Direct trains between London Paddington and the south west will continue to run using a different route. 
  • Buses will replace trains on the branch line between Exeter St Davids and Exmouth from Sunday 25 to Friday 30 October. A limited service will continue to run to/from Exeter Central from Paignton, but most services will terminate at Exeter St Davids. 
  • Bridge decking replacement will take place on the Tamar Valley Line between Plymouth and Gunnislake from Monday 16 to Thursday 19 November. Buses will replace all trains to/from Bere Ferrers, Bere Alston, Calstock and Gunnislake. An amended train service will continue to operate for stations in Plymouth. This is similar to the work that was undertaken in December last year.

More rail services for Cornwall AND DEVON

As lockdown is eased, we are expecting more customers to return to rail, especially for journeys to the South West. To support that we are adding a number of additional services for Cornwall and Devon from Saturday 25th July.

This will mean three additional services from London Paddington on Saturdays. Two running to Plymouth and the third running directly to Paignton. This will restore direct services to Torbay in time for the summer.  We will also be adding four additional round trips (8 services) on our local trains between Exeter/Plymouth and Penzance.  

During the week, we will extend four London services through to Penzance, restoring direct London services to Cornwall. We will also add a further six round trips from London Paddington (12 services), two running to Exeter, one to Plymouth and three running direct to Paignton.   In addition to the London services, we will also be adding a further three round trips (6 services) between Exeter/Plymouth and Penzance. This should provide the extra capacity needed to support safer travel through the summer. 

We are asking customers to wash their hands, travel off peak if they can, use mobile ticketing if possible and to wear a face covering unless exempt.  We have increased our cleaning regimes including an overnight viricidal spray.  We have extra staff at key stations to offer help and guidance, and processes in place to help customers maintain social distancing as much as possible. This includes a counted places system on our long distance services. 

We have also confirmed plans to support the return to school in September. Many of the services that are heavily used by schools and colleges are already operational, where they are not, we intend to bring them back into service before 2 September, so that we are ready for students and pupils when they need us.  

We are also planning a further timetable uplift on 14th September and will be in touch with more detail on this closer to the time.  

As always if you have any questions or queries, on the timetable, or any aspect of our services, please do let me know.  We want to be as much help as possible in safely supporting efforts to get back to business.

Jane Jones | Head of Public Affairs | Great Western Railway
Milford House | 1 Milford Street | Swindon | SN1 1HL


11 JUNE 2020


 Embargoed until 00:01 15 June 2020

More than one-in-three people (36%) in the South West have been the target of a scam since lockdown came into effect across the country, according to new research by Citizens Advice Cornwall.

Over half of people (58%) are worried someone they know will fall foul of a con. And the large majority of people (88%) reported they felt wary of coronavirus scams.

Citizens Advice Cornwall and Trading Standards are encouraging people to talk about their experiences and look out for others they think could be at risk.

Citizens Advice Cornwall Chief Executive, Gill Pipkin, said:

“Our data shows that the last few months have been very difficult for a lot of people across the region. And despite this, we’ve seen appalling evidence of opportunistic scammers taking advantage of people’s worries and concerns.

“One-in-three local people have been targeted by a scam since lockdown began, showing we all need to be on high alert.

“It’s really important we all do our bit and report anything that looks like a con when we see it. By learning how scammers operate, and helping each other understand what to look out for, we can all work together to stop fraudsters in their tracks.“

To help stop more people being fleeced by these types of scams, Citizens Advice Cornwall and Trading Standards are sharing the following tips on how to spot them:

● Look into installing a call blocker to help combat telephone scams

● Talk to your bank immediately if there is any suspicious activity or transactions from their account or credit cards

● Report the scam to Citizens Advice who will give you advice on what to do next and report the scam to Trading Standards

● Report the scam to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

● If you or someone you know is struggling to pay bills or outstanding debts Citizens Advice may be able to help.

You can also take the following steps to safeguard yourself and others:

● Be suspicious if you’re contacted out of the blue, even if it’s from a name you recognise

● If it sounds too good to be true it probably is

● Never send money to someone you’ve never met

● Never give out your bank details unless you are certain you can trust the person contacting you

● Don’t be rushed – you never need to make a decision straight away and if you feel pressured say “no”

● Suspect a scam? Hang up, wait five minutes to clear the line or use another phone to call

● Don’t suffer in silence – speak out about scams.



Cornwall Wildlife Trust

At the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown Cornwall Wildlife Trust realised we needed to be there for wildlife, wildlife lovers and those isolating at home. Without the ability to venture too far, we acted fast to provide things to see, do, read, watch and make from home that would maintain a connection with nature.

10 weeks in we have countless supporters building hedgehog homes, sending in pictures of wildlife they have seen in their gardens, engaging with online talks and generally appreciating Cornwall’s wildlife in new and deeper ways. We have a good mix of activities for families, activities for adults (although the adults very much seem to enjoy the children’s activities too!), in depth video discussions, blog posts, spotter guides and worksheets.

If you feel any or all of this would be valuable for your community please feel free to pass on this link in any of your communications:

If any of your public wish to let us know what they have been up to, we would love to hear from them by email or on any of our social media channels.

We also wanted you to know that as of today (you’re the first we’ve told!) we have put our Spring edition of Wild Cornwall (normally a members exclusive magazine), online for all to enjoy. Packed with all the wildlife happenings around Cornwall, we think your readers would love it, so please feel free to share this link in any of your communications: . We are biased but it is well worth a read in the garden!

Finally, we have an email newsletter which goes out monthly, packed full of news, sightings, activities, events and tips. If you’d like to hear from us regularly, please reply to me or sign up here:  

James Webb

Deputy Head of People and Engagement

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Tel: 07442 538958           Email:

Looking after yourself, and nature – find out what you can do from home for wildlife


Stay in touch with Cornwall Wildlife Trust in your area. Find us on Facebook and Instagram

Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Five Acres, Allet, Cornwall, TR4 9DJ.  Registered charity 214929.

Covid – 19 support links

Covid-19 Support for general public
Anyone impacted by Covid-19 not coping and looking for help/offering help in their local area can contact Volunteer Cornwall
Practical support from volunteers with shopping, collecting prescriptions or other tasks as a result of Covid-19
Phone: 01872 266988
Anyone homeless or threatened with homelessness can contact Cornwall Housing
Information and advice:
Phone: 0300 1234 161 and ask for the Prevention & Engagement team.
Anyone concerned about someone rough sleeping – report through Streetlink or phone 0300 500 0914
Key links to support for people that need help with
staying healthy and independent during the pandemic

Covid-19 Support for people with health and wellbeing needs
Adults with health and wellbeing needs
impacted by Covid-19 & professionals
looking for support
Support available in communities,
including on discharge from hospital
Information and advice
Guided conversations
Telephone/online support
Help with practical tasks
Phone: 01872 266383
Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm.
Wellbeing Support
Feeling lonely and isolated – link to local community groups, online
groups/tools, or one-to-one phone/digital support (Inclusion Matters partners)
Practical Support
Need help with shopping, collecting prescriptions etc – link to local community
groups, day centre, or one-to-one practical support (Inclusion Matters partners)
Welfare Support
Concerned about welfare issues – benefits, housing, rights etc – link to online
tools, or one-to-one phone/digital support (Inclusion Matters partners)
(For disability related welfare issues you can also contact Disability Cornwall
DIAL directly via phone: 01736 759500; or email:
Digital Support
Concerned about how to get online – help to develop digital skills – one-to-one
phone/digital support, and online streaming (Inclusion Matters partners
(You can also contact CRCC directly via phone 01872 243557 or 01872 243534
or email the Digital Inclusion team:
Need transport for urgent medical appts or hospital discharge – volunteer
drivers, accessible transport and electric vehicle hire (Age UK C&IOS – funded
separately – you can also contact directly via phone: 01872 266288; or email:

Information Classification: CONTROLLED
Covid-19 Support for people with specialist needs
Any adults concerned about coping with caring
responsibilities can contact CRCC Kernow Carers Service
Link to local community groups, online groups, or one-to-one
phone/digital support
Phone: 0800 5878191; or email:
Any adults feeling concerned about mental health, anxiety and
depression can contact the XXX Helpline (tbc)
Link to local community groups/specialist support, online
groups/tools, or one-to-one phone/digital support
Phone: XXXX (tbc); or email (tbc)
Funded by Adult Social Care, Neighbourhoods and NHS Kernow
Any adults experiencing multiple issues together e.g. managing
health/wellbeing/housing/money/multiple risks can contact
the Home Group Helpline (support also provided by Harbour
Housing, LiveWest and Coastline Housing)
Link to online tools/specialist support, one-to-one
phone/digital support
Phone: 07710 709 527; or email:
Anyone concerned about domestic abuse and sexual violence can
contact Safer Futures
Phone: 0300 777 4777; or email:
Alternatively you can also access refuge and support via Cornwall
Refuge Trust online at or
phone 01872 225629
Anyone concerned about drug and alcohol use or needle
exchange can contact We Are With You
Information and advice:
Phone: 0333 200 0325
Any adults concerned about getting their voice heard, including
where decisions are being made about their care and support,
can contact The Advocacy People (previously SeAp)
One-to-one phone/digital support
Information and advice:
Phone: 0330 440 9000; or email:

BREAGE parish council virtual meeting to be held at 7.00 p.m. on tuesday 5 may 2020

The Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish Council meetings will not be held at this time and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman will remain in situ until an Annual meeting is called by the Chairman.

This meeting on 5 May, 2020 will be a virtual meeting commencing at 7.00 p.m.

Should Members of the Public wish to take part in public participation would they please provide the Clerk with their e-mail address and a request to speak, by 5.00 p.m. on Friday 1 May, 2020?

voluntary and community sector

Voluntary and Community Sector COVID-19 Update – 3 April 2020

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the second VCSE sector newsletter, from Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) and Cornwall Council. 

Voluntary and Community Sector COVID-19 Update – 3 April 2020

Welcome to the second VCSE sector newsletter, from Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) and Cornwall Council.    VERA During the past two weeks VSF supported by Cornwall Council has developed a new VCSE Emergency Response Alliance (VERA) to provide a VCSE strategic response to the wide range of issues arising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 15 VCSE organisations represented on
VERA, with each one bringing a wealth of information, expertise, and
strategic and operational influence. VERA is the VCSE response mechanism to COVID-19 and it works collaboratively with Cornwall Council’s COVID-19 governance arrangements. Within the Council’s COVID-19 governance arrangements there are ten ‘cells’, one of which is the Community Cell.
Helen Boardman, the new CEO of Cornwall VSF, is the VCSE representative on this cell, with a brief to ensure seamless and integrated dialogue
between the VCSE and the cell. Our central aim within this Community Cell is to help to maximise and sustain the VCSE’s capacity to respond to the emergency issues wherever it is possible.    Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward  Community hubs
Over the next couple weeks we will also be jointly developing local
community hubs with our statutory partners and stakeholders including local businesses and faith organisations. The aim of these hubs will be to
assist existing operations and initiatives within local communities, whilst
also helping to galvanise the volunteering response. There will be 19
community hubs which will operate across the 19 Community Network Areas within Cornwall. The VCSE will be represented on each of the hubs,
drawing on their local knowledge, relationships and networks, and
contributing their expertise and resources. The purpose of these hubs is to help individuals, self-help groups and constituted organisations in their
efforts to address the immediate needs of local residents. We hope to
sustain both VERA and community hubs beyond the crisis and recovery
phase, so that we will also be able to provide longer term benefits to the
residents of Cornwall. We will share more information about how this
model is developing in our next newsletter. 
As an organisation, Cornwall VSF sees that this work, while not what was
planned for this year, absolutely falls in the remit of its VICA strategy –
Voices, Influence, Collaboration, Actions. Both Cornwall VS and Cornwall
Council would really welcome the opportunity to raise the profile of the excellent work that the VCSE sector is doing during this time of crisis. We want to hear about the positive outcomes that you have been able to achieve for your beneficiaries and members of the public. Just recently Gemma
Finnegan from CRCC told us that “A lady contacted CRCC to say she needs to self-isolate for 3 months but she didn’t have any food in. I connected our worker, with Andrew Yates (Truro Diocese Social Responsibility Officer),
who linked her with Truro Food Bank and now the lady will have food
dropped off by Volunteer Cornwall tomorrow morning.” We hope that by
sharing stories of your response and actions, it will encourage others in the sector, and help spread positive actions. if you would like to contact us
please email or find us on our social media
Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward   Volunteering
We are delighted to be working closely with Volunteer Cornwall, who have recruited an extraordinary 2,600 volunteers to help out in their local
communities, supporting 995 people in Cornwall in the last two weeks. They are the single point of access for volunteering, so if you have
volunteers working with you whom you would like to recognise officially, or would like to recruit more, then contact Volunteer Cornwall via the form
on their website or on or by emailing  Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Cornwall Link
Cornwall Link connects individuals, families, carers, volunteers, and
healthcare professionals with services and social activities in their area.
The idea behind the platform is to reduce social isolation through these
connections, encouraging people to join in community-led activities on-line. Within Cornwall Link a support site has been developed by Age UK Cornwall and Made Open Communications that will be focused to provide a
community portal and support system to connect people during the
coronavirus pandemic. It forms part of the Inclusion Matters Partnership
led by Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) also including Disability Cornwall, Inclusion Cornwall and the Digital Inclusion team at Cornwall Council. 

For those without access to the internet, information from the site is also
available via the Inclusion Matters Helpline on 01872 266383 during
business hours. 

If you know anyone who could benefit from this platform, please signpost
them to it.  
Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward

Funding for organisations
We are proud to be working with Cornwall Community Foundation, who
have launched an Emergency COVID-19 Fund, offering small grants of
£500 – £3,000 to charities and constituted organisations in Cornwall, to
cover the additional costs of supporting people during the coronavirus crisis. To apply for this funding, or extend funding already provided through CCF, see the Cornwall Community Foundation website.    Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward
 Cornwall Council Community Chest Crisis Scheme

If your group is a new initiative, you are encouraged to apply to your local
Cornwall Councillor’s Community Chest fund in the first instance. Each
councillor has a fund of £2,000 and they are being asked to support new
and emerging groups. We recognise that these groups may often need a
way to simply apply for small funds to support their work.

To apply, simply email your Community Link Officer (CLO) with brief
details of your group and the work you’re doing. Please see contact details on the map in this link, and copy in The CLO will then contact the relevant Cornwall Councillors to see if they
are willing to support your project in principle, and have sufficient funds in
their Community Chest to do so. 

VCSE bodies that are formally constituted should, in the first instance,
apply to access Cornwall Community Foundation’s Emergency Fund.
Cornwall Council has contributed £100,000 to the fund.

Funding opportunities are still open for national and non-COVID-19
sources. Cornwall VSF has published a list of opportunities closing soon.   Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Support for individuals
For information about the Government’s support package for individuals whose income has been affected by the coronavirus, see Cornwall Council’s Benefits support web pages.

Anyone who is struggling to pay their council tax should get in touch with Cornwall Council and let the Council know if they’re going to miss a
payment or not pay the full amount, so the Council can agree to a special
payment plan. For more information, see Cornwall Council’s
Council tax support during the Coronavirus Pandemic web page.

The Council is giving everyone currently receiving Council Tax Support an
additional £150, which will happen automatically.
See the Council Tax Support pages for details.

The Chancellor has also announced a plan to see grants of up to £2,500 a month, to cover up to 80% of normal trading profits for the self-employed.

During this time of isolation, The National Careers Service are offering
confidential and impartial information, advice and guidance on everything
to do with work, skills and education.

Women and girls in England can now have home abortions during the
COVID-19 outbreak to avoid going to a clinic and exposing themselves to
the virus.  
Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Proud to care Cornwall
Cornwall Council is spearheading the Proud to Care Cornwall campaign to
recruit carers to help support vulnerable people across Cornwall during the COVID-19 crisis. More than 200 people have already applied, and basic training has been given to 35 volunteers who are set to start work on

Those who are interested should visit the Proud to Care Cornwall website and apply as soon as possible. Anyone wanting to help only in a volunteer
capacity should visit the Volunteer Cornwall website.  Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Retired or former social workers needed to support Cornwall’s most
Cornwall Council is calling for any former or retired social workers to help Cornwall’s most vulnerable people during this time of unprecedented

The Council is asking anyone living in Cornwall who has experience of
working in social services – including retired social workers or those who
have recently left the profession – to help maintain the support provided to vulnerable families, children and adults through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you know a former or retired social worker who might be interested, they can register their interest via email at Cornwall Council will then contact them to gain further details of their
qualifications and skill set.    Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
New guidance on how to help people safely
Public Health England (PHE) has published new guidance on how to help
people safely. This is aimed at people who are providing essential support
to friends, family and neighbours who are in isolation, as well as those who are formal volunteers. 

Our Safeguarding Children’s Partnership has a new area on its website
around safeguarding, for children and vulnerable adults, which is a useful resource for organisations and individuals.    Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Food parcels
Last weekend, volunteer groups, food suppliers and Cornwall Council worked together to distribute the first food boxes to the 252 residents who are
living alone, with no immediate family nearby, and are on the Government’s shielded list.

Alongside the supplies, they were also given a phone number so that they
can provide the Council with more information on things like their dietary
requirements and their pharmaceutical needs, allowing volunteers from
Volunteer Cornwall to make sure they have the right food and medication
to stay safe and well.

Housing associations are also working to find and support people who are
not on the shielded list but are vulnerable and without support networks of their own.  
Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Hotel for hospital leavers
Cornwall Council’s Adult Social Care teams have been working to relieve
some of the pressure the local health system is currently facing and have
been able to work closely with Cornwall’s hospitality sector to find a way to help people get out of hospital more quickly.

The aim is to free up to 120 hospital beds by helping those people who are
safe to be released from hospital, but are unable to go home yet, to stay in a hotel, being cared for by fully trained care and support workers from
Corcare, part of Corserv. Read more   Share this iinformation with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Domestic abuse
A rise in domestic abuse has already been reported by Devon and Cornwall Police during the lockdown, and the joint message is being given out
through all channels: One conversation can change someone’s life. This goes alongside a short film, being shared on social media channels that encourages people to look out for each other. 

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or would like further information
about services available, please go to the Safer Cornwall website or the
Safer Futures website. 
You can also ring Safer Futures on 0300 777 4777 or Cornwall Refuge
Trust’s 24Hr Helpline on 01872 225629.

If you or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, please call the
police now on 999.

Safer Futures has put contingencies in place as a result of the coronavirus
outbreak, to ensure they continue provide specialist services to those
experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence. Their message is: ‘Don’t
suffer in silence, help is available to you if you need it. Help includes safe
accommodation, advocacy and advice for you, your family, friends or
colleagues, as well as recovery services.’   Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Sector wide information
A COVID-19 survey carried out by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the Institute of Fundraising and the Charity Finance Group indicates that the charity sector is heading towards a crisis caused
by a lack of funding and an unprecedented increase in demand on services
due to the coronavirus. Charity leaders are calling on the Government to
provide more support to them, to help them continue to meet the need at
this time. For more information, see the Institute of Fundraising website. Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Additional support for organisations via Cornwall VSF
There is to be more time for organisations using
HMRC’s digital tax system.

There is a roundup of Criminal Justice System advice and information
during the COVID-19 outbreak on Cornwall VSF’s website.  Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Support for the creative sector
Cornwall Council has announced support for Cornish cultural and
creative organisations who are in receipt of grant support from the
Council, agreeing £687,000 of financial support and proactive efforts to
renegotiate programmes and outcomes to put these organisations in the
strongest financial position to support their resilience. Those organisations affected will be contacted directly.

To ensure appropriate support can be put in place to ensure a successful
recovery phase for Cornwall’s creative sector, all creative organisations and self-employed individuals are encouraged to take part in this survey.    Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Transport Cornwall Council has removed all charges at Council car parks
until at least the end of April to ensure essential workers are able to travel as required. 

As fewer journeys are made at this time, bus timetables will be being
reduced. More information about timetable changes and public transport can be found at   Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Registration of births, deaths and marriages
Emergency legislation to register deaths by phone has been implemented, with no face-to-face appointments available at Cornwall’s Register Offices. 

People can request to register a death through an on-line form on the Cornwall Council website or by phoning 0300 1234 181 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm). Please be aware that there may be delays in receiving
the full set of medical paperwork. The Council will contact the customer
only once it receives all the necessary paperwork, which may be subject to understandable delays with the medical profession.

All other Register Office services are suspended until further notice,
including registering births.

People who are not able to register the birth of their child because of
coronavirus can still make a claim to receive child benefit.   Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Scam advice
Cornwall Council is urging residents to follow online safety advice and
guidance on how to spot and deal with suspicious emails, and defend
against malware and ransomware on their computers. The full advice is on
the National Cyber Security Centre website.   Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
New COVID-19 WhatsApp information service
The Government has now launched a Coronavirus Information Service
on WhatsApp. The free service is an automated ‘chatbot’ that will allow
people to get answers to the most common questions about COVID-19
directly from Government. It aims to further reduce the burden on NHS
services, including 111, combat the spread of the virus and ensure people
stay at home and save lives. It’s as easy as sending a message ‘hi’ to the
dedicated number on WhatsApp. Please share details about the
Coronavirus Information Service on your communications channels. More
information can be found on the Government website.   Share this information with your community:   <image002.jpg>   Share <image002.jpg>   Tweet <image002.jpg>   Forward    
Important links
Volunteer Cornwall is the single point of access to register interest in
volunteering and is matching requests for help with people offering help.
You can register as a volunteer on Volunteer Cornwall’s website or

Anyone who needs help can request a volunteer by ringing 01872 266988 or emailing

Find out more about Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum, including joining as a Member (which is free), at, nor email

Please send all coronavirus related enquiries or issues to Cornwall
Council’s dedicated email address

We hope you have found our newsletter to be useful and informative and we welcome any feedback to help us improve this newsletter to better meet your information needs. We would really appreciate it if you could share our newsletter with your partners, and encourage them to sign up to receive it themselves, using the link below. 

Julian German 
Leader of Cornwall Counci

Hembrenkyas an Konsel
Helen Boardman
CEO of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum
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Parish Churches

Do you need help?

All the Parish Churches are locked until further notice; this is a Government directive, which the Archbishops have fully supported.

Contact Revd Kirsten Norfolk
The Vicarage, Breage
01326 573069

Marisha, Breage Shop and Post Office
01326 573444 – Deliveries available

Online resources: 01872 265300
Facebook: Covid-19 Mutual Aid Breage-Praa


Will 999 calls be answered?

Answering calls to the 999 number is a priority and we are making sure that we have additional resilience through training student officers to support our call handlers.  Please continue to dial 999 in all emergency situations.

What is the best way to contact the police at this busy time for non-emergencies?

If possible we would ask that you use the following options before dialling 101 at this busy time.

·       Click before you call – go online at

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If you do need to call 101 about a non emergency, please be aware that it may take longer than normal to answer your call.  Perhaps consider calling at a quieter time of the day, like late evening if it is not time critical.

I have intelligence about a crime – who should I contact?

Please continue to contact the police on the details listed above.  If it is an emergency call 999 or for non emergencies use the online contact options where possible.  

You can also report crime and intelligence anonymously via Crimestoppers either by calling 0800 555111 or by using their online reporting system at

Holiday accomodation

Latest News Covid-19
Call to holiday lets to follow COVID-19 closure orders
Ahead of the Easter holidays Cornwall Council is calling on holiday accommodation providers, including letting agents and online booking platforms, to support the COVID-19 response by following the  Government’s closure orders. The overwhelming majority of holiday accommodation providers, such as self- catering businesses, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, hotels, campsites and holiday homes, have shut their doors as a result of the Government ordering all non-essential businesses to stop operating and for everyone to stay at home and avoid unessential travel. There are a number of exemptions which allow some holiday accommodation businesses to remain
open, for example to provide accommodation for key workers, NHS staff and for health and care use. One such establishment is Carnmarth Hotel in Newquay which has been providing a place to stay for people who have
been in hospital, are able to be discharged, but are not ready to go home. However, Cornwall Council has received complaints alleging that some
holiday accommodation providers are still having holiday makers in their
premises and operating illegally. Ahead of the Easter holiday the Council’s enforcement team is now writing to all holiday accommodation owners,
letting agents and online booking platforms in Cornwall who are not
exempt to the COVID-19 orders to ask for their cooperation in complying with the orders. The letter, which is going out to holiday accommodation
providers April 2, says: “As you know the Government passed legislation
last week which requires certain businesses to close with immediate
effect. We appreciate that you may have already acted on the
Government’s directions and closed your accommodation, although there
are a few exceptions which are covered in this letter. Most businesses in
Cornwall have done exactly that. Indeed, we know that some businesses
have been able to provide valuable support to the community by housing
vulnerable people and key workers. “Nevertheless, the Council is receiving complaints that allege that some holiday accommodation businesses are continuing to trade. This is undoubtedly a small minority, but due to the
risks involved, we are taking the precaution of writing to you to seek your
support in helping to control the COVID 19 outbreak in Cornwall.” The new legislation requires any person responsible for running a business providing holiday accommodation, whether in a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast
accommodation, holiday apartment, home, cottage or bungalow, campsite, caravan park or boarding house, to cease trading during the emergency
period. The Government’s controls are expected to remain in place until the regulations are reviewed by the Secretary of State and a direction issued to end them. In its letter to accommodation providers Cornwall Council
outlines the new legal requirements and where businesses can get further
advice. It also warns that businesses can face enforcement action if they
flout the orders. Rob Nolan, Cornwall Council’s portfolio holder for environment and public protection, said: “We are calling on and trust that our
holiday accommodation providers in Cornwall will do the right thing and
ensure compliance with this requirement which has been introduced to
protect the health of our population, NHS and other critical services at this time. “We understand that this legislation may have serious financial
impacts upon businesses so please read the guidance to understand how
you can access the financial help you need.” Malcolm Bell, Chief Executive of Visit Cornwall, said: “It’s up to all of us to play our part in fighting this virus, as well as obeying the law, and this simply means that not only should all the traditional tourism business be closed to holiday makers, but also people
letting out rooms and properties on the online booking platforms that have grown rapidly over the last few years.” Inspector Miles Topham from Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We will work closely with and support our
partners in protecting the public. If people undertake non-essential travel
which could include travelling to second homes then we reserve the right
to take enforcement action which will be considered on a case by case
basis.” There are a number of exemptions which allow holiday
accommodation businesses to remain open, including where they provide
services to: People who live there permanently or because their primary residence is unavailable. Critical workers and non-UK residents who are
unable to travel to their country of residence during this period. People who are unable to move into a new home due to the current restrictions.
Homeless and other vulnerable people such as those who cannot safely stay in their home, through arrangements with local authorities and other public bodies. Those attending a funeral. Hosting of blood donation sessions. Also, holiday accommodation can remain open for any other purpose
requested by the Secretary of State or Local Authority. A current list of
exemptions can be found on the Government’s website. The government
has produced guidance on business closures for further reference.
However, if you require additional advice please do not hesitate to contact
the Council’s Business Support Hub at    If you believe that holiday accommodation might not be complying with the new regulations then please contact Cornwall Council at For anyone seeking refunds due to a
holiday booking cancellation Cornwall Council advises: Check the small
print on your booking – what does it say about cancellation due to
Government intervention? Check the small print on your travel insurance – will your booking be covered? Register your concerns with your holiday
provider – are they working to a timetable (ie most imminent bookings
first)? What are they suggesting as a solution? But please be patient as businesses have to deal with many pressures at this current time. If you
paid for your holiday by credit card you may have additional protection
through the credit card provider.
1. If you do still need further advice or information about cancelling a
booking due to Covid-19 please call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506 or contact Cornwall Council Trading Standards at Cornwall Council will be working
with Visit Cornwall when this emergency period is over to support those

All latest government advice on Coronavirus is available at   

The address of any properties flouting this needs to be sent to me so that it can be sent to the emergency team.  

Take care and stay safe. Many thanks, Sue Nicholas

Cornwall Council
County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY
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