Just a quick update on things relating to the potential preparation of a NDP for Breage.

At its meeting in November the Parish Council received a report outlining the broad results of the preliminary public meetings held in Ashton, Breage, Carleen, Godolphin Cross and Praa Sands in late September/early October. In line with the commitment made at the meetings a copy of the report is  available for inspection below – so feel free to have a quick look!

Report of initial round of public meetings November 2017

The initial questionnaires mostly went out in early November (many thanks to those of you who helped with the distribution of these – it was much appreciated). The ‘closing date’ for the receipt back of questionnaires is 24 November, after which these will need to be analysed and reported back on.

The speed with which the analysis will take place will depend largely on two factors – the number of questionnaires we get back and the complexity of the responses! With a fair wind the analysis could be completed for the next general Parish Council meeting on 5 December, but it might be that this is not completed until the first scheduled meeting of the New Year which is on 9 January 2018.

Either way, and if the survey shows sufficient interest/support for the preparation of a NDP for the Parish, it is likely to be January by the time we look to convene and form the proposed Steering Group to lead the the process forward.

Cllr Chris Ralph




PRE-PLANNING EVENT – housing development ASHTON




Where:          Breage Village Hall


When:                        30th November 2017 at 15:00 to 17:30

Proposal:       43 Homes on the land west of Rinsey Lane

Ashton meeting 30 November 2017 Click here for map

We are acting on behalf of our client, who is seeking to submit a planning application for development of the site for a housing development, including affordable housing.

We would like to invite you to an engagement event to seek your views on our proposals. We will have initial plans and supplementary information on display which you will have the opportunity to comment on and discuss with us.


Breage Parish Council’s position with regard to Praa Sands toilet facility

Breage Parish Council in partnership with Cornwall Council remains committed to ensuring that the toilet facility at Praa Sands remains open and operational.

It has unfortunately not been possible for Cornwall Council to discharge its agreed obligations with regard to the handover of the toilets to Breage Parish Council within previously agreed time scales.

The purpose of the agreements were to ensure that Breage Parish Council, as a relatively small local authority, would have both the financial and logistical resources to run the facility in a sustainable and environmentally safe manner for the foreseeable future.

It was therefore resolved by Breage Parish Council that the toilets would be returned to Cornwall Council on the 31st October 2017.

Breage Parish Council has never owned the toilets but was granted a lease at will, in effect a daily lease.

Cornwall Council exclusively has the authority to determine whether the toilets remain open or closed.

It has been agreed that Cornwall Council will progress two engineering options to refine the ongoing cost for the operation of the facility.

The first to explore the possibility of the lease of an area of land to allow a drainage field to be installed in an attempt to reduce water usage thereby reducing the emptying of the holding tank and reducing the on cost. This system is subject to approval and licensing by the Environment Agency. It also carries with it the land rental to the owner of the drainage field.

The second option is to install a new system (Propelair) that requires very little water and operates by an overpressure air system. This is a new system that is currently the subject of a feasibility study by Cornwall Council.

It has been agreed that Cornwall Council will evaluate both systems and a report will be delivered to Breage Parish Council at its regular meeting on the 5th Dec. 2017. The meeting will be held in Carleen Village Hall at 7.00 p.m., the largest hall in the Parish, because of the high numbers of Members of Public expected to attend.

Both systems acknowledge that Praa Sands does not benefit from mains sewerage but is served by septic tanks and soakaways, in this case septic tank provision, 6000-gallon capacity.

Cornwall Council agreed to meet the capital funding for the provision of whichever engineering solution is finally selected.

It has been further agreed that the business community of Praa Sands would be approached to explore alternative methods of funding the facility and its operation in the future. Cornwall Council will facilitate and progress this series of meetings.

After the meeting of the 5th December with Cornwall Council and subject to approval by Breage Parish Council an evaluation of the report and its implications will allow decisions to be made to identify a way forward.

It will be vital that whatever option is presented to Breage Parish Council by Cornwall Council that capital installation costs are in place, and also all necessary Environmental Agency licences and. Equally important is an accurate indication of the annual running cost.

Breage Parish is a relatively small Parish with circa 2500 electors, and care has to be taken not to place an unnecessary tax burden on the parishioners via the precept.

Some of the known costs have been identified and the Council will be in a better-informed position after 5th December 2017 meeting. It is vital that the accurate financial position is carefully considered, as whatever is decided will commit the Parish to payment and logistic support for the foreseeable future.

Breage Parish Council is pleased to be working with Cornwall Council in order to promote the localism agenda and maintain this vital facility for the benefit of the residents of Cornwall and its visitors.


The Praa Sands Toilets are Cornwall Council’s responsibility

and regrettably have now been closed

but the Council is working towards 

what it hopes will be a positive solution

Telephone: 0300 1234 100

8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Mon – Fri

Out of hours 0300 1234 161 or text 07941 712712

SURVEY – Breage Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

Breage Parish Council is considering doing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Breage Parish in order to ensure that the community can shape the future development of our area.
This is a real opportunity to have an active say in the future of Breage Parish and we would like to know what you think. Please take the time to fill in this quick survey and let us know your views.
There are 4 questions to answer and it should take just five minutes to provide your answers. Please complete this online survey by Friday November 24th.
Please open this link to complete the survey


Co-option Vacancy for a Breage Parish Councillor

BREAGE PARISH COUNCIL – Parish Councillor Co-option Vacancy


Breage Parish Council is seeking to co-opt a Member to the Parish Council


Training is available and support will be found from colleagues and the Clerk to the Council.

All elected Councillors retire after the four year term that began in May 2017 but casual vacancies may well arise in the intervening period. The next full elections will be in May 2021.

To become a Parish Councillor you will need to be 18 years old or over on the day of your nomination and a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any other member state of the European Union and meet at least one of the following four qualifications:


  1. be registered as a local government elector for the parish;
  2. have during the whole of the preceding twelve months occupied as owner or tenant, any land or premises in the parish;
  3. your principal or only place of work during the preceding twelve months has been in the parish;
  4. have during the whole of the preceding twelve months resided in the parish or within

4.8 km thereof.


Certain people are disqualified from becoming Councillors. You cannot be a candidate if you:

work for the Parish or hold paid office under the council which has the vacancy; or are the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order; or have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more (including a suspended sentence) without the option of a fine, in the past five years; or have been disqualified under any enactment relating to corrupt or illegal practices.


Should you be interested in this vacancy you must be sure you are eligible to stand and then

formally make application in writing to the Clerk, giving some personal details: former work, interests, how long you’ve been in the Parish, why you wish to be a Councillor, etc.

You are welcome to do this by E-mail. This should be done by Monday 23 October 2017.


Further details from:

Mrs Carol Macleod

Clerk to Breage Parish Council

Parish Rooms, Breage, HELSTON, TR13 9PD

01326 574781/07767165077 or breageparishcouncil@bt

NOMINATE YOUR LOCAL PO/SHOP/PUB FOR The Countryside Alliance Awards ( Rural Oscars)



Countryside Alliance Awards 2017

Get involved and support your local rural businesses



The Countryside Alliance Awards, also known as the ‘Rural Oscars’, are THE rural business awards to win, and give a voice and platform to the best of our produce, enterprise, heritage and communities and we would like you to get involved to help generate nominations and support your local businesses.


The Rural Oscars are diverse, highly coveted and a great morale boost to those in the running. They were borne of a desire to give a voice and a platform to rural businesses and to acknowledge the efforts of thousands of unsung heroes who routinely go above and beyond the call of duty for their communities. The Countryside Alliance had long felt the many “doom and gloom” tales of rural decline in the media did not accurately reflect the spirit of rural people and their desire to protect our landscapes and communities for future generations.


Nominated by the public, the Awards recognise and honour those who routinely go the extra mile for their community. Nominations are open from now until 13 November 2017. Winners will be announced in Spring 2018 at the grand final at the House of Lords.



The five categories are:


  • Local Food/Drink – Have they put the community on the map via the quality and diversity of local produce being sold?
  • Village Shop/ Post Office – Are they the cornerstone of the village and breathed life into the community and local economy?
  • Butcher – Is traditional butchery at the heart of the enterprise or have they brought a modern twist to this ancient skill?
  • Rural Enterprise – Is this business a growing asset to its community and making a real contribution?
  • Pub – Would winning this competition reward a really special enterprise and tell a positive story about rural life while championing local food and drink?



Champions are chosen by a panel which is chaired by Countryside Alliance Chief Executive and also includes the Daily Telegraph’s Philip Johnston, The Farmers Guardian’s Emma Penny, Peter Gott of Sillfield Farm and William Sitwell, Waitrose Food Editor, MasterChef critic and award-winning author.


It would be fantastic if you felt able to support these Awards by promoting them on your website, through your social media channels or via any newsletters you have. When tweeting about the Awards please use the hashtag #ruraloscars. You can meet last year’s winners, or email or 020 7840 9340 for more information.


The benefits these awards afford cannot be overestimated, and those who have won have told us of the positive impact their recognition has had on everyone they know as well as bringing a boost to their business.


We hope you feel able to support them and put your local rural businesses on the map.







  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that CHRISTINE TOMS has ceased to be a member of Breage Parish Council and that a casual vacancy exists on the Council.
  2. If, within 14 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Bank Holidays) after the date of this Notice, a request for an election to fill the said vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer of Cornwall Council at the Council Offices, St Austell One-Stop Shop, 39 Penwinnick Road, St Austell PL25 5DR (phone 01209 614195) by TEN (or more) electors for the said Parish an election will be held to fill the vacancy.
  3. If the Returning Officer receives fewer than ten written requests for an election by 25th September 2017 the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.


DATED this 5th day of September 2017

(signed) C L Macleod

Clerk to the Parish Council

Mrs Carol Macleod

Clerk to Breage Parish Council

Parish Rooms




TR13 9PD