Breage Parish Council’s position with regard to Praa Sands toilet facility

Breage Parish Council in partnership with Cornwall Council remains committed to ensuring that the toilet facility at Praa Sands remains open and operational.

It has unfortunately not been possible for Cornwall Council to discharge its agreed obligations with regard to the handover of the toilets to Breage Parish Council within previously agreed time scales.

The purpose of the agreements were to ensure that Breage Parish Council, as a relatively small local authority, would have both the financial and logistical resources to run the facility in a sustainable and environmentally safe manner for the foreseeable future.

It was therefore resolved by Breage Parish Council that the toilets would be returned to Cornwall Council on the 31st October 2017.

Breage Parish Council has never owned the toilets but was granted a lease at will, in effect a daily lease.

Cornwall Council exclusively has the authority to determine whether the toilets remain open or closed.

It has been agreed that Cornwall Council will progress two engineering options to refine the ongoing cost for the operation of the facility.

The first to explore the possibility of the lease of an area of land to allow a drainage field to be installed in an attempt to reduce water usage thereby reducing the emptying of the holding tank and reducing the on cost. This system is subject to approval and licensing by the Environment Agency. It also carries with it the land rental to the owner of the drainage field.

The second option is to install a new system (Propelair) that requires very little water and operates by an overpressure air system. This is a new system that is currently the subject of a feasibility study by Cornwall Council.

It has been agreed that Cornwall Council will evaluate both systems and a report will be delivered to Breage Parish Council at its regular meeting on the 5th Dec. 2017. The meeting will be held in Carleen Village Hall at 7.00 p.m., the largest hall in the Parish, because of the high numbers of Members of Public expected to attend.

Both systems acknowledge that Praa Sands does not benefit from mains sewerage but is served by septic tanks and soakaways, in this case septic tank provision, 6000-gallon capacity.

Cornwall Council agreed to meet the capital funding for the provision of whichever engineering solution is finally selected.

It has been further agreed that the business community of Praa Sands would be approached to explore alternative methods of funding the facility and its operation in the future. Cornwall Council will facilitate and progress this series of meetings.

After the meeting of the 5th December with Cornwall Council and subject to approval by Breage Parish Council an evaluation of the report and its implications will allow decisions to be made to identify a way forward.

It will be vital that whatever option is presented to Breage Parish Council by Cornwall Council that capital installation costs are in place, and also all necessary Environmental Agency licences and. Equally important is an accurate indication of the annual running cost.

Breage Parish is a relatively small Parish with circa 2500 electors, and care has to be taken not to place an unnecessary tax burden on the parishioners via the precept.

Some of the known costs have been identified and the Council will be in a better-informed position after 5th December 2017 meeting. It is vital that the accurate financial position is carefully considered, as whatever is decided will commit the Parish to payment and logistic support for the foreseeable future.

Breage Parish Council is pleased to be working with Cornwall Council in order to promote the localism agenda and maintain this vital facility for the benefit of the residents of Cornwall and its visitors.