I wish to thank the Parish Councillors for their support since I was elected Chairman – which happened very suddenly and without warning!!

I also thank Jan Anthony for her time as Chairman and her wonderful organisation of the N461 event on June 2 2013, which sadly I missed by being unwell. A big thank you to all the Parish Councillors and individuals who helped in any way to make the day the tremendous success it was. More detail is included at the end of the annual report.

Another great success this year is the new houses being built in Penbro Way and Penbro Vean, (road names chosen by the Parish Council), adjacent to St Breaca Close, Breage. This is a credit to the Parish Councillors for their hard work before, during and since the Affordable Housing Survey held in Breage Parish in 2009 and to Cornwall Councillor John Keeling who was Chairman at that time. These homes are now being allocated but sadly with no input from the Parish Council. Personally, I feel strongly that there should have been such input.

I had much pleasure in representing the Parish Council to attend Mrs Beth Treloar’s 100th birthday celebration in Breage on 8th March and meeting so many of her family. We now hear that she sadly passed away on 22nd April.
I attended a wonderful former Councillor, Barry Nicholls’ funeral on 12th March at Penmount, Truro.

Thank you to my Vice-Chairman, Cllr Pete Greenough, who, if I call, always finds the correct answer to my query and to Cllr Howard Bradford who has taken on some of the tougher planning problems. A very big thank you goes to Carol, our Clerk, for all her support and guidance that I have much appreciated.

Councillor Mrs Rose Wyvern Batt – Chairman


Download the Parish Council’s entire report from the Annual Parish Meeting.

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