Cornish tin news update 30 march 2021

NEWS UPDATE 30 March 2021
• Our thanks to all who have contacted us with questions. We are continuing to
communicate on an individual basis with local residents and other stakeholders and
interested parties, in relation to our 2021 exploration drilling program.
• All local residents on whose land the company plans to drill have now been sent, on
a personal basis, plans showing indicative positions of the drill hole locations and
access ways applicable to their land.
• Once our General Permitted Development Order notification to Cornwall Council as
Mineral Planning Authority is in the public domain, there will be a zoom meeting at
which local residents and interested parties will be welcome to ask us questions
about the GPDO. The date and time of this will be confirmed by Breage Parish
Council, and will be kindly organised by Breage Parish Council as for the public zoom
meeting on 2 February 2021.
• A number of people have asked us to hold a face to face public meeting which
interested parties can attend, but we have so far been prevented from doing this by
Government restrictions as a result of the Covid pandemic.
• Subject to Government guidelines and restrictions, we hope to be able to invite any
local residents who are interested, to come and see us when drilling commences.
The drill rigs are small in size, with low levels of noise, and will be screened by straw
bales or similar noise mitigation measures, so we hope that any concerns which you
may have had will then be allayed.
• Of general interest: in connection with its research activities Cornish Tin Limited has
been confirmed as a partner in the Cooperative Awards in Science & Technology
(CASE) NERC GW4+ Research project being led by the Camborne School of Mines.
This will investigate the principal ore mineral parageneses across SW England and is
highly relevant to The Great Wheal Vor Project.
Jeff Harrison
Planning and Communication
Sally Norcross-Webb
Chief Executive Officer