Cornish tin update

NEWS UPDATE 30 April 2021

  • We have been working very hard on ensuring that our planned exploration drilling program will be carried out in compliance with all ecological and environmental requirements, and that in respect of each drill hole the local habitat, wildlife and natural environment will be protected. This work has been greatly helped by the comprehensive Ecological Impact Assessment which has been carried out for us by Plan For Ecology, and by various subsequent studies we have commissioned from them. Thanks also to all the local residents who kindly co-operated with us in the initial ecological walk-over survey, through which we have gained valuable information which will help us to keep the environment protected.
  • The ecology and environmental work is ongoing, and this data is continuing to inform the preparation of our proposed notification of a General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) to Cornwall Council as Mineral Planning Authority, which we are currently still working on, and aim to submit during May. The main purpose of this update is to let you know in advance the arrangements we have made to communicate with local residents about the GPDO, once it has been finalised and submitted.
  • In discussions with both the Breage Parish Council, Sithney Parish Council, and Dan Harris as Chairperson of the Great Wheal Vor Community and Environment Group, (GWVCEG) we have agreed the following.
  • Once the GPDO is submitted, there will then be a period of some days before it is visible on the Cornwall Council website, and therefore becomes in the public domain. However, to give local residents an opportunity to see the information without loss of time, we have asked Cornwall Council, who have agreed, that they will email to Breage Parish Council on the date of submission a copy of the document with all the relevant Appendices so that Breage Parish Council can upload this onto their website. We will also ensure that a full copy is emailed to Sithney Parish Council on the date of submission, for similar publication by Sithney Parish Council.
  • In addition, three hard copies of the submission, including all Appendices, will be delivered to Dan Harris on behalf of the GWVCEG on the day of submission, to circulate to any local residents who may prefer to read it as a copy document rather than on a computer.
  • Once the GPDO submission has been circulated as above, Breage Parish Council have kindly agreed to host a zoom meeting at which local residents and interested parties will be welcome to ask us questions about the GPDO. The date and time of this will

be confirmed by Breage Parish Council, and will be kindly organised by Breage Parish Council as for the public zoom meeting on 2 February 2021. It is envisaged that at least seven days prior notice of the zoom meeting will be given by Breage Parish Council.

  • We envisage that the zoom meeting will be for approx one hour, with, (except for a few minutes introduction) all the time available for public questions and answers. This is on the basis that interested parties will have had seven days to look at the GPDO information and not need a formal presentation from us at the start of the meeting. If we run out of time, and one hour is not sufficient, then Breage Parish Council have kindly said they will host a further meeting.
  • It is envisaged that Breage Parish Council and the GWVCEG may wish to co-ordinate questions beforehand, to avoid duplication, so all genuine questions can be asked and answered. As discussed and agreed with Breage Parish Council and Dan Harris on behalf of the GWVCEG, the purpose of the meeting is to explain and answer questions on the notification which has been submitted to Cornwall Council, and not to make changes to the already submitted documents, and it is also agreed that the subject of the meeting should solely be the GPDO, to give as much time as possible to discussion of the GPDO content.
  • If anyone has any queries about these arrangements, they are welcome to contact me or Jeff, and we look forward to seeing you at the zoom meeting.

Sally Norcross-Webb

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Harrison

Planning and Communication